Friday, June 28, 1985

Recall Newcleus - Jam On It

Recall Newcleus - Jam On It. My recollection of this song takes me back to the mid-80s. The city I grew up had a mix of music. Some of the older kids were into hip-hop and others were into hair bands and being hair bags or head bangers as we used to call them.

Even as a young kid despite the fact that I was just a skinny white kid with no game I had no use for hard rock. To me at that time hip-hop was the future. Even at that time the whole idea of creating something new had more appeal than the same old a bunch of hair bags with stuffed sausage in his pants it was a joke. And I recall that the timing was key.

The early 80s had some cool rock but by the mid 80s it just became a formula. My point here is not to get in an endless discussion about this because it's happening now. The music infrastructure just seems destined to copy what works and it's hard to make stopping that a big priority with all the other work humans have to do.

In any case even though then and now Jam On It seemed kind like a funny song for me it was kind of an anthem that ushered in electronic music. It proved to me that you didn't have to be a hair bag. You could be cool and original and you could listen to computer based music and you didn't have to just do what other white people would do. You could think differently was what I used to think. It was ok to think differently.