Friday, January 20, 2017

Mapping Factory Sound Samples To Kong - Bookmark

I am often looking to make a certain style of beat, in example I’m looking for crate digger hip-hop or I'm looking for a trap beat. I want to use a bomb squad sample but I don’t want to bite off the beat and just transpose it. I can take pieces of the beat and map them to Kong. This is a bookmark on how to do that. I call it a bookmark because I don't consider this to be a tutorial. There are many tutorials out there. What I've been looking for is smaller so for now I'm just going to call it a bookmark.

When I use to do coding we would call small blocks of code "snippets". So I kind of think as my bookmarks as tutorial "snippets". Partly because I often am so busy I forget a specific thing that I want to do and I will be writing music in a certain way and then I want to do something a little different but I since it's been like months and months since I had a chance to do it another way I like to have bookmarks to come back to it. I also like to keep things short and sweet.

In any case here is an example of just taking a sample from the Reason factory sound bank and mapping it to Kong.

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